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Friday, 17 June 2011

John West interviews Gary Wilkinson, psychic healer

An interview with Gary Wilkinson
John West

Gary Wilkinson was born in a mining village in South Yorkshire. By the age of sixteen he was having clairvoyant visions of his friends and would frequently shock them by accurately describing what they had been doing even though he had been nowhere near them at the time!

It was also at this point in his life that Gary’s mother went to see Rosemary Altia, a medium who gave readings from her home in North Lincolnshire. Rosemary told her that Gary was psychic and would eventually use his gifts to help others.

30 years later and her prediction has been fulfilled. Gary is now established as one of the world’s leading healers and plans to tour the UK with his ’Healmaster Show’.

I asked Gary to tell me more about his first experiences of healing:

I healed many people on a regular basis with all sorts of problems. I did it for free one day per week allowing all the donations to go to the Foundation for Well Being Centre in Scunthorpe. I did this for four years.

It was also at the centre where I took a Psychic Art class working with people who have been through a trauma or emotional fracture which had affected their lives so much that they found it very hard to talk about it.

I also worked with Psychic International, one of the UK’s top touring companies, for ten years as a healer. I toured the whole of the UK. It was a very rewarding experience.

By working with the elements in my own unique way I showed people how I could help them release their pain.

Unbeknown to them I was healing them at the same time in a very unique way, the same way that I use today in my shows across the country healing tens of hundreds, if not thousands of people on a weekly basis.

Gary now lives in Norfolk. I asked Gary why he had chosen this part of East Anglia as his new home. I was also keen to learn more about his planned tour:

Norfolk is a very beautiful part of the country and it’s a place where my shows have never been seen before, not to mention that it’s much closer to London. My healing show is the first of its kind in this country, and probably even the world.

In the first part of my show I invite 3 to 4 people to sit on stage suffering with some pain related illness, and then pick another 3 to 4 people off stage also suffering with some kind of pain. I heal the people that have been chosen and show how I can heal all 6 to 8 of them simultaneously using my healing ability and working with my Spiritual Guides and Arch Angels who have been with me since birth.

I also allow the people who have been healed on stage to talk about the wonderful experience that takes place, all in just a matter of about 20-30 minutes. I also speak with the people off stage so they can also talk about the overwhelming sensation of pain relief and healing right there and then.

Another thing that I show to the audience is how all the people taking part in this healing phenomena will, for a short period of time, feel each other’s pain, proving that the flow of energy is real and how we can help heal each other in the same way.

In the second part of the show I heal every single person in the audience working with my Arch Angels and using the highest form of spiritual healing energy known to travel through man, not to mention connecting to the matrix of light using energies far out into our star system where other life forms also help in my quest to heal.

The complete show lasts for about two hours with a twenty-minute break in the middle.

I have travelled the world healing in over twenty countries on a one-to-one basis, and have been healing people up and down this country for the past fifteen years. But it’s only the last three years that I have taken my show into theatre, the way I always saw it in my visions about ten years before I actually started it!

Gary recently married Jane, his long-term partner. I asked Gary how they met:

Three and a half years ago I visited Norwich with Psychic International where I read Tarot cards and healed people. It was at that time that I read the cards of a lady called Jane.

I saw myself and Jane having a family, and living happily ever after so to speak, and it was very strange to say the least!

I invited Jane to come up North to live with me after about six months of us being in communication together, and you could say that the rest is history.

At that time my healing shows were about to kick off at the Civic Theatre in Doncaster which holds about 500 people. Jane had been working on some new music with myself, and ended up re-writing and composing the music for the show. Jane has been studying Music for about 30 years and is also a Psychic herself, always believing there was more to life than what meets the eye.

Jane is now the Musical Composer for my show and has composed some wonderful healing music.

Jane’s music is being hailed as beautiful healing music, and just by sitting and listening to it helps to heal people in a very unique way. It allows past life emotional turmoil to be released as well as all the negativity that causes nasty things to take over our bodies, like cancers and tumours that feed on negativity and lack of emotional expression. The music is mixed with the four elements and many sounds of nature to help release all tensions and anxieties.

For the best part of 2010 Jane has been composing the new show music Vibrations from Heaven, which will be played at all the new shows in 2011. The music itself has been tried and tested by allowing people to sample it at some of the Mind Body and Spirit Fayres in 2010, and I must say it brought tears to people’s faces as they stood before us and listened to the music playing. This was very beautiful to witness as it was the perfect key to the heart chakra where all hidden emotions from this life and past lives are stored away, and as we get even closer to what people would call ascension all of this negativity must be released.

I then asked Gary about his plans for the upcoming ‘Healmaster’ tour:

Too many people charge silly prices for their healing. I don’t believe that you should charge for it, if you have the gift of healing then you should give it away just like it has been given to you.

So many people are unaware of the power of Spiritual Healing, and it’s now time that the public saw exactly what can be done.

I change people’s lives every week and so much for the better. I believe I can help any problem that a person may have in some way, whether mental, physical or spiritual.

We all have Spiritual Guides and Angels looking over us and my show introduces you to the ones that are looking over you and trying to help you! With all the discomforts and illnesses that cross your path, as well as being lost in life wondering what your next move should be.

I would like to open my arms to the people in this country and around the world, and to anyone who would like me to help them. So regardless of your illness I can help you. What do you have to lose! So don’t be afraid to drop me a line by mail at

Don’t get me wrong we all know that healers have been around since time began; it’s just understanding just how helpful a good healer can be. And remember you will know a good one that works for God because he will not charge you; he will work from donation only in the knowing that God will take care of him or her in the process as we all have to make a living.

I myself believe I am one of today’s ambassadors for spiritual healing, helping people take advantage of all the spiritual healers across our country and the world, and there are many of us around. As far back as I can remember people have told me how I have helped them with their lives. Even people standing at the side of me have been healed of many problems, which they have all told me about at a later date.

I believe we all have the gift to heal in some way shape or form, but we don’t use it as often as we should. So please never be afraid to give it a go as you may just get some very positive results.

Many more people today suffer from depression and anxiety than they did in the Second World War when bombs were falling out of the sky. So why is this you may ask yourself? I can help when a doctor has run out of things to try, and go on to start helping them make the first step to a new life full of hope, love and happiness, regardless of their situation. Just like many people do after coming to see one of my Shows.

My door is always open to new ideas, and my show can play to 50 or 5000 people. For me it doesn’t matter about the amount of people as the results will be the same, and everyone that comes to see the show will be healed. Many people feel that God has touched them, and others actually see Angels on stage working with me. I don’t attach myself to any religion; I just believe in a higher being that one may call God, or Prime Creator. This God has appointed each and every one of us with an Angel and Guides to look after us through our lives. But remember that these Guides cannot intervene or help you until you give them the permission to do so.

Gary is also very interested in the ancient Mayan prediction that the Earth will face serious upheavals in December 2012. I asked him for his views on this fascinating subject:

Most of the world today seems to be focused on greed, power and money. It’s just a crying shame that people have lost their self worth, compassion and concern for one another. Now is the time to bring people back together on a Spiritual level, as the world becomes a more dangerous place to live in. There is a lot of speculation about what is going to happen in December 2012, and that’s told by just about every Religion and Prophet that has ever walked this earth. I do think great change is on its way, and you may find that from now on many people will be taken away through abnormal weather systems. For example earth quakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions are about to ravage the earth in the next two years leading up to 21st Dec 2012. And I believe because of the great loss of life around the whole world that people will question God and all Religions. I think that this will be a time when we all start to look at the way we perceive spirituality.

I finally asked Gary where he saw himself and Jane five years from now:

I see myself taking my healing show across the world. I plan to use the money raised in these shows to set up companies where all the profits will go to charity. For what is the point of generating wealth if you don’t use it for the good of mankind?

Gary is currently looking for venues to hold his healing show. He would welcome any interest from Promoters, Agents or Management Companies as the show needs one of these to take it forward to the next level. He would also welcome any invitations, especially charity work.

Gary also heals people on a private basis and this is free of charge on a donation basis only. So whatever your situation may be don’t hesitate to contact Gary through his website:

Jane has also released a sixteen track album of her music entitled ‘Vibrations from Heaven’. It can be obtained through the ‘Healmaster’ website and is priced at £10 plus £2 postage and packing. It is also available to download for just £1 per track.

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