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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tomorrow is Tel and John's last EVER Friday Breakfast Show on ICR

And now the end is near ......

After nine months it's time to move on to other things. 40 shows together since 17th September 2010. It should have been 42 but a couple of holidays intervened!

Duncan Doughnut, my former rubbery Wednesday co-host

All the usual stuff - music, chat and madness. Songs with a goodbye theme will be heard, plus our last ever cheese offering. And I'm sure that The Beatles and The Monkees will be heard somewhere along the way.

Plus a very special guest appearance from Duncan Doughnut, my former co-host on the Wednesday Breakfast Show!


Terry will continue to host Cafe Americaine until September. He will then be leaving ICR for pastures new. I will continue to co-host The Vinyl Club with Ozzie and Gary but I shall also be moving on to other things in the world of radio and TV. More on that later!


And thanks to all those who have contacted the blog expressing sadness that we are leaving Friday mornings. Nothing lasts forever and it was really time to move on. There comes a time when all creativity needs new challengers, outlets and, above all, encouragement. Bigger and better things beckon!

And now over to Pete and Dud for a few words and a very appropriate song....


  1. say it is n't so?


    Dan Hunter

  2. Tis true.

    John West

  3. What a great shame! ICR will never be the same again.


  4. I hope you continue to work together. You are a cracking team. What station are you going to?


  5. I will miss you two.


  6. 40 weeks? It seems longer. Just kidding. I hope Icr realise what they have lost. I only used to dip in occasionally on Friday mornings but you always managed to raise a smile. Good luck and all best wishes for the future and keep on working together. Andy.

  7. I bet you last show together will be a bit sad. From what I heard on my computer you two obviously enjoyed working together. Becky Martin from Kesgrave X

  8. Goodbye. Lots of love Pam Ps. and good luck!