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Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Friday Breakfast Show

This dog forgot to listen to John and Tel on the Friday Breakfast Show. Don't make the same mistake!

This week, we are broadcasting live from Hollywood USA. Johnny Depp was looking for the world's two best looking radio presenters to star with him in his latest pirate flick. He couldn't get them so he picked us instead.

John West reads the script for the Friday Breakfast Show

We have a guest at 8.25. Michaela Smith, Loan Advisor at Norfolk and Waveney Enterprise Services, on help for people who would like to start their own business.

The Hoff says listen to Tel and John on ICR 105.7 FM!

We have all the usual stuff. The Hoff Spot, Reg Dwight, the cheese counter, song requests and loads, loads more.

So tune in at 7am for three hours of fun!

Here is a link to the full ICR schedule: ICR

All these shows can also be heard via the ICR website on

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Another Snap, Crackle and Pop Wednesday Breakfast Show

This week, the Wednesday Breakfast Show is sponsored by Gertie the Cow of Wickham Market

It's Wednesday Breakfast Time again on ICR 105.7 FM.

And as always, I'm joined by Duncan Doughnut, my rubbery co-host and friend.

And now to the show.....

At 9.05, I'm joined by Alison Beech, a Director at Spicerhaart and a former winner of the East of England's Businesswomen of the Year. We will be talking about business awards for women

I will be celebrating the birthday of the Fab Eric Clapton and also baking a cake for Simon Webbe, singer with Blue, who also celebrates a birthday today.

And don't forget Beatle Bop Time. More rare outtakes from the Fab Four.

And a musical tribute to the late, great Richard Burton!

And more song requests, including one from the States, the weather report, my Fab Fact of the Week, The John West Theatre Presents and lots, lots more.

So tune in at 7am for three hours of another FAB ICR breakfast on 105.7 FM.


Monday, 28 March 2011

A tribute to Pans People!

Pan's People were a British TV dance troupe, who used to appear on Top of the Pops.

In an era before pop videos, they danced to songs whose original artists were not available to perform them live. They were not the first dance troupe to appear regularly on TOTP - they were preceded by The Go-Jo's in the programme's early days, before Pan's People replaced them in May 1968.  Their last appearance was in April 1976, dancing to Four Seasons 'Silver Star'.

They were always very popular with male viewers of the show. I can't think why! Actually, I can! My favourite member of the group was Cherry Gillespie. She is the one wearing lilac.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Holy Friday! It's another Breakfast Show!!!!

Tel and John stop at nothing when it comes to presenting a FAB Breakfast Show!

And here we are again with another helping of the Crunchy Friday Breakfast Show. Even the dogs of Ipswich take time out from watering lamposts to listen in......

Dog taking time out to listen in.....

A couple of guests this week....

8.25. Daniel Hunter, singer and songwriter, is a finalist for Live and Unsigned.

9.05. Rachel Macfarlane, Learning Officer at Ipswich Museum, on what's coming up at the museum.

And don't forget all our usual spots....

The Hoff Spot where we celebrate the life and times of David Hasselhoff.

Reg Dwight's Piano Goes Pop. Elton John before he became Elton John.

The Cheese Counter. Another offering of some ripe Stilton.

Plus tributes to Liz Taylor, Jet Harris and Diana Ross.

So tune in at 7am on ICR 105.7 FM for three hours of FAB music and chat.


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Another week, another Wednesday, another Breakfast Show

And what a show we have for you this week!!!!!!

We will be joined at 8.25 by Andrew Murray-Wood, an ecologist at Suffolk County Council. He will be telling us about protecting the environment.

And don't miss Beatle Bop Time! This week, a rejected song from Beatles for Sale AND a rare version of Love Me Do featuring not Ringo but Pete Best!

This week, Hurray for Hollywood features a musical tribute to Kirk Douglas.

We also have a birthday tribute to Diana Ross, the John West Film Theatre, song requests, the weather report, a tribute to Jet Harris of the Shadows, a mystery singer and lots, lots more!

So tune in at 7am for three hours of another FAB ICR breakfast on 105.7 FM.


Monday, 21 March 2011

The Fab Kate Bush!

"Hounds of Love" is the title track of the Hounds of Love album. The single was released on 24 February 1986, and reached number 18 in the UK Singles Chart. The song is about being afraid to fall in love; in the song this feeling is compared to being chased by a pack of hounds.

The words "it's in the trees, it's coming!" heard at the beginning of the track are sampled from the British 1957 horror film Night of the Demon and are spoken by an actor from the film, Maurice Denham.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Blast From Your Past: Lovefool by The Cardigans

Lovefool was written by Peter Svensson and Nina Persson for The Cardigans' third studio album First Band on the Moon, released as a single on 14 September 1996, in the United Kingdom and internationally on 5 October 1996. The song was featured in the film Romeo and Juliet.

The song reached Number 2 in the UK singles chart.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Hoff, Wilson Pickett, Ian McShane and Nat King Cole on the Friday Breakfast Show. Who can ask for more?

John 'Robin' West & Tel 'Batman' Mackley rush to ICR to present another Friday Breakfast Show

And it's Friday Breakfast Time with Tel & John. This week, lots and lots of honey flavoured stuff straight from Us to You.

Three guests this week...

8.05. Charles Jenkin, Rotary Club of Ipswich Orwell, on a fundraising walk for MacMillan.

8.25. Libby Williamson, Glee Club Co-ordinator & Sarah from the Rock School on opportunities for teenagers to get into music.

9.05. Curtis Blanc, Sony Award winner with Electric Brixton Radio, on rehabilitation through radio.

And we will be celebrating the lives of Wilson Pickett and Nat King Cole. Both would have celebrated birthdays this week.

We also have the Hoff Spot, our cheese counter with Ian McShane, Reg Dwight's Piano Goes Pop and lots, lots more.

So throw away that biography of Neil Armstrong and spend three slightly psychedelic hours with the radio presenters that inspired Stephen Hawking to discover the meaning of life.

Ipswich now has a new Superhero! It's ICR MAN!

Ipswich now has a new Superhero. His name is ICR MAN. But who is he?????

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Wednesday Breakfast Show ....... Again

Me with my rubbery co-host, Duncan Doughnut

Another seven days and here I am again - plus Duncan - with another Breakfast Show.

We have all the usual stuff.

A great guest at 8.25. We will be joined by Margaret Gilman, Publicity Manager, Ipswich Transport Museum. She will be telling us all about the museum.

We have Beatle Bop Time. This week, a couple of outtakes from Revolver and Beatles for Sale.

We have Hurray For Hollywood. This week, a musical tribute to Sean Connery.

Plus the John West Theatre Presents (In association with Please Yourself University California) Laurel & Hardy in London.

Plus requests from listeners (Bee Gees, Cher, etc), the weather report, another Fab Fact of the Week, celebrating Micky Dolenz's birthday, a musical tour of the British Isles, another local singer, etc, etc.

And I still live in hope that Keeley Hawes may show up!

So tune in at 7am for three hours of another FAB ICR breakfast on 105.7 FM.

Monday, 14 March 2011

I visit Norwich with Duncan Doughnut

Today, I visited Norwich to do a bit of shopping. I also popped into Heart Radio. I was accompanied by Duncan Doughnut, my rubbery co-presenter on the Wednesday Breakfast Show.

Here are some pics of our visit.

Outside Norwich Castle. Duncan loved slithering along the battlements!

Chilling out in Greggs

Duncan enjoys his bun


Keep off my pastie!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Kaiser Chiefs

"Everyday I Love You Less and Less" is the opening track on the Kaiser Chiefs' first album, Employment. It was released as their third single in May 2005, peaking at Number 10 in the UK charts.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tel & John Present for your Entertainment - The Friday Breakfast Show

Tel and John: An exclusive photo of the duo broadcasting live in the ICR studio. Please note mikes cleverly disguised as milk bottle and teapot.

And so we are back. Another Friday, another Breakfast Show, another three hours of strangeness from the radio presenters that send shivers down the spines of various chickens in the Gainsborough and Gipping areas.

Chicken in mid shiver

And now the show.

9.05. Jonathan Chew, Hilda Turner and Jemma Hardy from ACE. They will be chatting to us about helping people with learning disabilities to find their voice.

We have our cheese section. We have Reg Dwight before he became Elton John, we have the Hoff Spot, we have a Wednesday song and loads of other great music and stuff.

And don't forget that if we weren't here, we would be somewhere else.

So tune in at 7am for three hours of fun with Tel & John on ICR 105.7 FM. And don't forget all the other shows on Friday. Neil Boast and Cop That is one not to miss.

Here is a link to the full ICR schedule: ICR

All these shows can also be heard via the ICR website on

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Wednesday Breakfast with Me and Duncan Doughnut

And it's almost Wednesday. And I am proud to announce a new addition to the WBS! Duncan Doughnut! Yes,  I will be joined by a rubber doughnut who can boast working with some of the greats in showbiz. Harrison Ford, Brad Pit and Johnny Depp are just some of the megastars he's rubbed tentacles with. He was even Daniel Craig's stand-in on the Bonds!

But enough of him. On with the show

A guest! 8.25. Charles Clarke, author, on the Running Buck - a well loved pub with a fascinating history. It's now known as The Key.

I have Hurray for Hollywood. This week, a musical tribute to Michael Caine.

Beatle Bop Time. This week, outtakes from Rubber Soul.

A tribute to the Ratpack, songs from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior.

And the weather report, my Fab Fact of the Week, my news headlines and loads of music from the 30's to 2010. And Keeley Hawes may still turn up.

John who?

Why not send me a text or email to the studio? The email is and the text is .... 07797 800712.


Monday, 7 March 2011

My scary UFO encounter

You do see some funny things in Wickham! Looking out of my window, I noticed a strange white disc hovering in the garden. I rushed for my camera and quickly snapped the UFO before it vanished. Critics will suggest that it looks like a dish being held up to the window. But that's what the aliens want you to think!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Helping Ella Taylor and Elanor Godbold Advertise No Risks: Sexual Health Promotion

Pictures by Sir Jim Corrigan. It was Jim's last day at CSV. He gave me a bit of his leaving cake which was nice!

Ella Taylor (on the left) was one of our guests on the Friday Breakfast Show. And what a great show it was! She appeared on the show to talk about promoting sexual health for young people and the 'No Risks' campaign. Ella works for Suffolk Integrated Healthcare.

No Risks is a free and confidential service which gives you a whole range of information including details on contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as Chlamydia and how to get tested, and where to find the services that you need in Suffolk

After the show, I helped Ella and Elanor (on the right) promote their stall in the CSV building (where ICR is based) by donning a special pair of 'No Risks' boxer shorts and handing out love heart sweets and cards advertising the 'No Risks' campaign..

I got to keep the shorts but I drew the line at wearing them outside in the street!

For more information on sexual healthcare contact:

0300 123 3650 or look at the No Risks website

Calls are in complete confidence.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Friday Breakfast Show is Here Again & Sheree leaves CSV

Who he? I spy Sir Terry of the Mackley!

And here he is....

And so we are back with the Friday Breakfast Show. The show with the hosts that can help you down that toast.

We have two guests.

8.25. Annie Chow, Project Manager, Translation & Interpreting Project. Providing a translation service.

9.05. Ella Taylor, Admin Assistant, Suffolk Integrated Healthcare. Sexual healthcare for young people.

And we have our cheese section, more Reg Dwight, the David Hasselhoff Spot, a song for the Tuesday Breakfast Team and loads of other great music.

So tune in at 7am for three hours of fun with Tel & John on ICR 105.7 FM. And don't forget all the other shows on Friday. Neil Boast and Cop That for a start!

Here is a link to the full ICR schedule: ICR

All these shows can also be heard via the ICR website on

And now Sheree.......

Wednesday was Sheree's last day as a receptionist for CSV. ICR is based in the CSV building.

Sheree is moving on to other things. I wish her well. Here are a few pics taken on her last day. Sir Jim Corrigan was behind the camera. He is leaving on Friday!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

From Us to You: Another ICR Wednesday Breakfast Show


And another week has just flown by. Here I am, plugging yet another Wednesday Breakfast Show on ICR 105.7 FM.

I have song requests. This week, Nat King Cole, The Smurfs, Saturday Night Fever, etc. Sheree on reception is leaving this Wednesday. So I have a song for her.

Me with Sheree

I have 'Hurray for Hollywood'. This week, a musical tribute to the much missed Christopher Reeve.

And don't forget the John West Theatre (in association with Please Yourself University, California) Presents The Beatles with Morecambe and Wise.

And the weather report, Ipswich events at 8.40, my Fab Fact of the Week, ICR shows for the day at 9.40 and lots of great music from the 30's to the present day. And lots of other mad stuff.

And why not send me a text or email to the studio? The email is and the text is .... 07797 800712.