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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Another Vinyl Club with Ozzie and John ....... Meanwhile Dusty Springfield interviews Paul McCartney and John Lennon about John's scabs

Another satisfied listener!

The Vinyl Club is back on Friday morning! Another 90 minutes of classic music with the Ozzmeister and JW. We're on at 10am. So miss us at your peril! No Gary this week. He's off training to be an astronaut ... or so I have been told.

JW & The Ozzmeister

You can listen to the show via the ICR website

And now the interview

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The East Anglian Ghost Hunters visit Landguard Fort, Felixstowe

Today, the East Anglian Ghost Hunters visited Languard Fort near Felixstowe. Our resident medium picked up loads of interesting information during the investigation, including a murder and hanging.

The results will shortly be available to view on the Felixstowe TV website:

For more information on Landguard Fort click here

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Young Girl by Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

Young Girl was released in 1968. The song reached Number 1 the UK Singles chart. The song enjoyed a second UK chart run in 1974, when it peaked at Number 6.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Vinyl Club Photo and Film Album with Ozzie, Gary and John

Shiver Me Timbers

Ozzie about to kill Gary after he was heard saying rude things about radio presenters who wear pirate t shirts

Auditioning for Ringo Starr

And now the last few minutes of The Vinyl Club. Recorded 15/7/11.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Another Vinyl Club will soon be here

Another satisfied listener of The Vinyl Club prepares to get into the groove

It's almost Vinyl Club time on ICR 105.7 FM. Tune in at 10am on Friday for 90 minutes of Ozzie, Gary and me. Expect the usual mixture of good music and madness from the Vinyl Crew!

You can also listen to us via the ICR website

Missed Ozzie and John on The Vinyl Club? Then listen again now!

Missed last week's show? Don't despair! Click here to listen to a repeat! We discuss the merits of buying telegraph polls as presents, why Donald Duck wears no trousers and why I should shamefully steal Ricky Gervais' catchphrase.

The Vinyl Club can be heard every Friday at 10pm on ICR 105.7 FM.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Listen to Tel and John on Cafe Americaine

Cafe Americaine is back on Wednesday with more music from the 30's and 40's. This week, tributes to John Hartman, American bass jazz singer, and Jerome Kern, an American composer of musical theatre and popular music.

This week, I will be joining Tel for the whole show as his co-host! So tune in at 2pm for two hours of classic music on ICR 105.7 FM

You can also listen to the show on ICR's website:

And click here to listen to a repeat of last week's show.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Why women live longer than men

An occasional series of photos which may go someway to answering a certain question that has puzzled men for centuries - why do women live longer than men?

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Boys are Back In Town - Ozzie and John on The Vinyl Club. And Happy Birthday to Ringo Starr!

John and Ozzie. Look out Ipswich coz the Boys are Back in Town

We're back with another fab edition of The Vinyl Club on ICR 105.7 FM. 90 minutes of great music and chat with The Vinyl Crew. It starts at 10am. No Gary this week. He's off doing other stuff.

You can also listen to us via the ICR website


Here are a couple of classic solo tunes from Ringo. 'Photograph' and 'It Don't Come Easy'.

"Photograph" was written by Ringo and George Harrison. It was released as a single on 5 October 1973, reaching number eight and number one in the UK and U.S. singles charts, respectively.

"It Don't Come Easy" was released as a single in April 1971, reaching number four in both the U.S. and UK singles charts. It was Ringo's first solo single in the UK. Ringo wrote it with George Harrison.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

More filming with Felixstowe TV

John, Chanice and Chrissie

Yet another directing job complete on Eternal Spirit. Paul's guest was Chrissie Astell, teacher and author of several books on angels. Chrissie has appeared on BBC's Kilroy "I believe in Angels", ITV's Christmas special "Angels are Everywhere", BBC's Everyman documentary on Angels and as a guest speaker on several local BBC chat shows. Here is a link to her website

Sunday, 3 July 2011

A big thank you to all our listeners

Terry and I would like to thank everyone who sent us (to the studio and this blog) messages expressing disappointment that we were leaving the Friday Breakfast Show. It was lovely to hear from so many of our listeners. We really appreciate it! We were both quite moved that so many of you took the time to write to us. Hugs to all of you!

Thanks for listening and don't despair! I will be still co-hosting The Vinyl Club (with Ozzie & Gary) every Friday and Terry will continue hosting Cafe Americaine until September. And we both have plans to work together on radio and TV. So watch this space!

Anyway, here are just a few of the messages we received.

say it is n't so?


Dan Hunter

I read John’s blog and was sorry to see you are leaving the breakfast shows. I started listening to your show in November and have always enjoyed the music and banter between you and John. Thanks for all the laughs and good luck in all your future projects.
Can you play Abba’s Thank you for the Music for me because my family would love to dedicate it to you as a thank you for getting up so early to entertain us.
Luv Shelia
Good luck Terry and John. Hope you continue to do radio. And good luck to John, Sarah and Paul with their ghost hunts for Felixstowe TV. Alex
I bet John can’t resist playing a Beatles song on his last song. Will Terry wear ear plugs for that one?????? Matt
I heard you say on the other week you were leaving ICR. I thought you were joking! What a great shame!
Bob (Kesgrave)
All good things must come to end lads! Will miss your rather strange discussions. Pete
Does this mean no more blog John?
Tracy  (Don't worry Tracy. It will continue! John)
Cafe American is one of the best shows on ICR. Can’t believe you have been doing it for three years! God bless. Emma

40 weeks? It seems longer. Just kidding. I hope Icr realise what they have lost. I only used to dip in occasionally on Friday mornings but you always managed to raise a smile. Good luck and all best wishes for the future and keep on working together. Andy.

Terry & John, You two have a great future whatever you do. Bye from the Gainsboro girls
Terry, Will you continue to do radio shows after you leave Ipswich radio?
Lucy (Don't worry Lucy. Terry has no plans to give up his radio work. John)
Very sad news. Pauline xxxxx
No more John and Terry on Friday mornings? Why? Jo (It was time to move on. But Terry and I have plans to work together on other projects. John)
bye bye guys n dolls, ask not 4 whom the bell tolls... Tc Brown
Terry and John - I can't imagine either of you 'fading away'. I'm sure there's a station in Ipswich that can make use of your combined talents. Have you ever thought of announcing train times? Good Luck with green knobs on. Roland

Friday and Wednesday will never be the same when you two leave ICR. Anonymous 

I bet you last show together will be a bit sad. From what I heard on my computer you two obviously enjoyed working together. Becky Martin from Kesgrave X

Sorry to read you're leaving. Fridays will never be the same! Jill

I hope you continue to work together. You are a cracking team. What station are you going to? Jenny (Jenny, all will revealed on this blog! John)